Is Your Liver in Balance this Spring?

The liver is an organ that is crucial for storage and blood regulation. It is vital for breaking down fat and converting glucose into glycogen. It even removes amino acids from the blood and transfers them into urea which is passed through the kidneys. The liver is also associated with hormone production and storing vitamins. In fact, the liver is the only organ that is known to regenerate its tissues such that even if 70% of it has been cut out, it will be able to re-grow again.

Another organ that works along side with the liver is the gall bladder; it’s a small organ which is connected to the liver and stores bile. It’s the bile that neutralizes the acids and emulsifies the fat, helping with digestion.

So, its time for…

Spring is known as the season for cleansing, it’s also the time to help the liver (yin) and the gall bladder (yang) function correctly, since these organs are in focus during this season. The gall bladder/liver meridians are related to the wood element. They control both the muscles and the joints, and their health is reflected by the toenail as well as the fingernails. The energy of the liver is reflected in the eyes. People that have a strong wood element have a clear vision on setting their goals, they have a plan and execute it skilfully and can even argue with decisiveness and clarity.

But what about…
Liver Imbalance
In our busy and highly pressurised world, our livers, and consequently the gall bladder, easily become congested, obstructed or even overloaded with too much fat, toxins and chemicals. These substances can disrupt the function of the liver and gall bladder hampering with the energy within the body and stopping it from flowing. This results in a variety of emotional and physical symptoms.
Not only that, but the digestive system is also affected because the stress on the liver can upset the functioning of the stomach, the pancreas and the spleen, which can result in ulcers, inflammation diabetes and bloating. These can in turn influence the intestines resulting in inflammatory conditions like, enteritis and colitis.

What Should You Do?
You’ve heard of it before “less is more”, so you should do less and in turn you’ll have more energy. Cut down on overloading and let the liver rest. Try eating foods that are cleansers or are blood tonics that will assist the liver in its function. Blood tonic foods are rich in chlorophyll which means you need to add loads of greens in your diet like, raspberries, beetroot, dark grapes, spirulina and even organic animal livers. Spring is the time to think about detoxification. You can even opt for a wide range of herbs that can be available at your local herbalists, acupuncture clinic or in Chinese medicine.

So, this spring, let your liver rest, avoid overloading on fatty foods and think about yoga poses for energy.

8 Exercise Tips for Spring


Spring is all about the need to stretch out and challenge one’s own ability, as well as create a new form of energy to re-oxygenate as well as cleanse the body. So it is crucial that during this seasonal period, you need to physically stretch not only your body, but your mind and soul as well.

So with that in mind, it is vital that you focus on exercising this spring to detoxify the muscles and counter act any stagnation accumulated by inactivity over the winter. Think about squats and side bends which will open up energy pathways of the gall bladder and liver respectively, to burn off fat for a cleaner, more functional and toned body.These tips are good to pass onto your students, and also for yourselves as yoga teachers, especially if you have been a bit lazy over the winter months!

Starting with a Weight Training Schedule
Excessively doing heavy muscle bound weight lifting exercises is not recommended. Instead focus on light weights and repetitions incorporating a lot of stretching before and after your routine. Remember that your stretching exercises need to focus the minds’s intention on your tendons, joints and muscles, because where the mind goes the energy follows.

Include a Few Cardiovascular Exercises
What’s the point of exercising if you don’t sweat? So, if you really want to begin cleansing your system as well as create your new spring yoga energy, then you’ll need to sweat, a bit! Whilst also increasing the force of the breath which helps to release emotions too.

Get Out!
New growth has started and the weather is getting better, what reason do you have to sit inside? As you watch the rising energy outdoors, it will provide you with the motivation you need to exercise. So, get out! Take in some fresh air and let your skin embrace the warm rays of the rising energy. Instead of hitting the gym, think about cycling, jogging or even walking to bring natures energy into your own energy field .

Morning Exercises
Think about morning exercises, the liver and gall bladder love it and function best when the sun is rising. You can absorb natures rising energy to keep you motivated and organized. You can even try some early morning Yoga or Qiong as well

Why not Try Something Different?
Think about doing something unusual, something which is completely opposite from our typical routine. Is there any part of your body (or life) that requires improvement? You can get a personal trainer to help you form a new exercise routine that will work best for you, or you can even workout with a friend which will push you into a commitment and motivate you to work more.

Take up Martial Arts
You can even try out shadow boxing, kick boxing or t’ai chi. These various forms of exercises can release all of that pent up negative energy and replace it with positive energy.

Competitive Sport
At this time of the year, you need to focus on activities that may release a little anger, aggression, and frustration, but in a non-confrontational way. Pent up negative energy can cause harm to the liver and encourage the body and mind to attack itself. So, think about taking up dancing or something that involves shouting so you cleanse your energy whilst supporting a team. You may even try some eye to ball sports which include badminton and tennis, as the spring energy is linked to the energy of the eyes and how we see things and view our lives.

Ease into Your Spring Exercise Routine
Since you might have been fairly inactive during winter, it’s a good idea to gently ease into your spring routine, instead of jumping right into it. Start slow and work your way up, always enjoying the feeling of controling and supporting your energy bank account. If you’re unsure about your health it’s important that you visit your doctor for a routine checkup. That way, your doctor can pinpoint the major problem areas and give you a routine that will be best suited for you.

So, just follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to creating your new yoga energy for spring.

The Feeling of Spring


Seasonal living is a very modern concept. In fact, if you go back 150 years, people would never really understand the concept. During the olden times all we did was get up when there was light, go to bed when it was dark, ate local organic produce according to the season and joined in the festivities with the local community. All through the olden days, we were in tune with nature and its natural order, allowing the energy to flow through us according to its natural cycle.

So, What is it About Spring that Get’s Us All Gleeful?

Well, it’s the time of emergence, a new beginning, a time full of more energy, flexibility, creativity, spontaneity, patience, humor, sensitivity and thoughtfulness. As spring comes along, the days get longer and our demands increase, so what we need is a fresh new outlook on things and that includes our lifestyle, our diet, and even our exercises.  In fact, even our home environment needs to be spring cleaned in order for us to balance the natural harmony of the changes and expectations in the air.

And There We Have it…

Spring – A Season of Being Reborn

Yes, the fresh taste of crispy green vegetables, as you bite into its new invigorating taste your body gets re-energized and you know that spring season has just arrived. The feeling of all that new energy sends a complete cleansing purge through your body, your house, your car, your wardrobe and everything around you. The reason for this “wash out” is so that you match the external new energy with your own internal one.

Not only is spring known as the season of being reborn, but it is also known as the season of anticipation. It’s a time where you’re eager to do great things, plan new ideas in your head, begin with new projects, perhaps even a new business plan can cross your mind giving you more energy and excitement for the coming year.

It’s actually quite true that spring is the perfect time to start any new venture. In fact…

If Spring Was a Person

If we were to think of spring as a person, their characteristics would be that of an entrepreneur, an inventor, or even a pioneer, one who puts forward various ideas in order to create something new, and that leads billions of people into one direction. That’s the sort of person spring would be. Actually, if spring was a person, they would excel in areas of setting goals, motivating, planning, being creative, organizing and will always have a clear outlook on life. They would love nothing better than to have an adventure, where they can challenge themselves creating a sense of zest for life as well as inspiring others along the way.

Therefore, when the spring season arrives, it makes sense that we develop these very qualities in order to match the very energy that makes this season so great! So it’s time you focus on a well balanced form of yoga energy this spring.